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For those who like to know more, here are some research and article links (updated every few days) with a brief description for each. I look for mostly human studies and also ones that match my 20 years of health expertise and investigation. The older ones are at the top, with more recent ones lower down. I know the list is a bit long, but I keep finding good information to provide those who are interested! 

Here is some research about small changes and weight loss:

Here is some useful research about snacks and beverages:

Several article links about sugar and refined carbs/junk foods and how they can cause significant health problems:

A good article on why sugar is toxic to us:

A fun site (fatsmack) that offers a short slide show on sugar and soda, with fat being thrown around (9/19/11):

A decent list of healthy carbs, broken down by categories:

A recent study (September, 2011), regarding a significant connection between diabetes and dementia:

Some info about why crash or calorie-restriction diets backfire:

A study article on how healthy nutrition and activity can add 15 years to your life (the Quick Start Plan is largely based on the same Mediterranean diet mentioned in the article):

A research article that shows significant benefits for cinnamon, curry/turmeric and oregano with food:

New research linking red meat and diabetes:

Another positive study for cocoa (remember that milk chocolate is not as good as cocoa):

A study that shows that low-intensity exercise can boost energy 20%:

A study that shows that just 15 minutes per day of exercise has health benefits and can add 3 years to lifespan:

Another helpful study on why it’s important to remain active if you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic (about 80 million Americans are):

A new study showing a 50% expected increase in obesity rates in the US, increasing early deaths by millions and costing an extra 50 billion by 2030:

A study showing that most Americans need supplements to reach recommended nutrient levels:

SolutionA new study (September, 2011) that shows the benefits of aerobic exercise and brain health/dementia prevention:

A new study (September, 2011) on how exercise might help stem cells to make bone rather than fat (helping your blood chemistry and keeping you thinner):

A new article (September, 2011) about research into links between ED and heart disease:,0,569229.story

A study that shows how diets rich in olive oil and nuts can improve heart disease better than drugs:

An insightful, thought-provoking article about common foods that can trigger a stroke:

A new article (September, 2011) that finds a possible connection between high cholesterol and hot flashes during menopause:

A fascinating new study (September, 2011) that indicates a possible connection between a lack of sleep and Alzheimer’s:

A new (September, 2011) and important study about slightly elevated blood pressure and higher stroke risk:

An October article/summary from women’s Health of nutritional and lifestyle suggestions to help prevent breast cancer:

A great article about how lifestyle influences cancer development and other diseases:,-Genes,-and-Epigenetics&id=1235967

A great article showing how lifestyle (healthy diet, activity, etc.) can improve your genes and lessen your chances for chronic diseases: 

Another article outlining the impact of lifestyle on genetics and health by Dr. Sears:

A disheartening new study (October, 2011) showing that preschoolers are already eating unhealthy snacks (high sugar and fat, low fruits and veggies) and that 20% of kids 6-11 are obese:

10/11/11: I decided to put an article link to that terrible women’s vitamin “study” because the media’s hype and irresponsibility is again stunning (the difference in death rates was only 1%, see paragraph 7)! This article was over-hyped as well, but has many details the media isn’t giving you. This was handled by a well-coordinated, expensive media PR campaign (I’m guessing $100,000 or more!). This is press-release reporting by non-science media people who probably never read the actual, self-reported, observational, study with 8-10-year gaps in questionnaires, and initial findings that were positive until they  jiggered the numbers to finally get a negative result:

Here is a more comprehensive rebuttal to the recent (and ridiculous) anti-vitamin studies that the media hyped beyond belief. It’s by Dr. Mark Hyman, MD and it makes raises many of the points and issues that I made raised and tweeted about:

Here is another credible and insightful about the 2 highly flawed, anti-vitamin studies I commented on above:

An informative article that outlines our significant weight gains and  higher BMI numbers since 1960:

Two new review studies that demonstrates the hormone-like and Celebrate weight loss!important immune-system benefits of vitamin D:

A new survey from Gallop that shown that health and weight issues cost the US economy 150 billion per year:

Wow! Dr. Oz had another segment about carb addiction today (10/21/11) and demonstrated how food manufactures use red, orange and yellow packaging to psychologically manipulate customers to buy junk foods! The segment also covered carb addiction, something I’ve covered in my article, “Weight gain and aging: Fact or Myth” in Articles section. Here is the short (4 question) Dr. Oz quiz with explanations at the end:

A photo set of 4 comparison photos on how a bad lifestyle ages you:

A new study (October, 2011) showing the 7 lifestyle steps to add 10 years to your life (I can help with all 7 steps):

A new study that indicates the benefit of a low-fat diet with fish oil for prostate cancer:

A new study that shows younger people (18-35 years old) with high visceral fat have early heart disease:

A new review study showing that bone health relies on multiple vitamins and minerals, not just calcium and vitamin D:

A small, but significant human study showing the potential of Co-Q10 to help with exercise and muscle damage/recovery:

An insightful new article on the potential of fish oil (omega 3 fatty acids) to help heart disease , diabetes and aging:

An interesting new article from Dr. Weil that explores a possible connection between depression and inflammation:

A credible 2-year human study that shows how B vitamins can help to slow or improve cognitive decline:

A more insightful analysis of the recent alcohol and brest cancer study, again overly hyped by the media with many relevant details left out, a common practice these days. For example, the participants overall diet or B-vitamin intake (helpful for good metabolic and glucose health)  were apparently not considered! I’m not saying women should drink daily but most studies have not shown problems from a few drinks a week. I encourage a healthy diet with a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement:

A human study of children and Celiac’s showing that they also suffer from important vitamin deficiencies:

A new human study show a connection between chronic stress, depression and aging:

A fascinating pilot study showing a connection between excess weight, inflammation and gum disease:

A study that shows how nuts, something I recommend on my plan, can help metabolic syndrome (high BP/glucose/abdominal fat):

A stunning article everyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes should read! GSK agreed to a 3 billion (yes billion!) dollar settlement for improper marketing of Avandia, a diabetes drug that can significantly increase  heart attack risk, bone fractures, plus liver, kidney and problems (2 links for whole story):

New study on sodas/sugared beverages shows increased heart disease and diabetes for women (soda drinkers were 4 times more likely to have increased blood fats and glucose problems!), plus other metabolic and hormone problems. Article also includes a second study about low levels of vitamin C and heart disease:;_ylc=X3oDMTEwYmh0Z2NwBF9TAzIwMjM4Mjc1MjQEZW1haWxJZAMxMzIxMjMzNTA3

A new randomized clinical trial of older women showing positive results for a multi-vitamin/mineral and herbal supplement and improved cognition:

A new study of women that shows possible association between a lack of sleep and Fibromyalgia:

Another study that shows increased risk for type 2 diabetes and red/processed meat consumption, while fish consumption lessens risk for type 2 diabetes:

An interesting study about how dropping glucose levels can cause people to crave sweets. Remember, levels drop after they spike and insulin is released, causing levels to drop. My program si designed to stabilize blood glucose levels:

Claimed weight loss ingredient, Sensa, hit with deceptive advertising, class-action lawsuit:

Shocking study on declining teen health and chronic diseases, including heart disease and blood sugar issues:

Another study showing that excess weight and obesity trends will continue into 2020, including significant and harmful growth of diabetes and pre-diabetes:

Another flawed vitamin D study debunked by experts. Study used the wrong units (apparently off by factor of 100!):

New research indicates that proteins stimulate brain cells that keep us awake after meals and helps to burn more calories, whereas carbs make us more sleepy:

A new human study shows that men had better alertness and mood after taking a multivitamin with herbs:

An interesting study that correlates activity and exercise with brain changes/reduced hunger cravings that improve weight loss and brain function:

Another study that links heart disease and psoriasis, with more details about inflammation and cholesterol:

A study abstract showing that oral vitamin D can be effective for treating psoriasis and other conditions:

Another study shows that taking vitamin D can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and other conditions:

A new study shows that moderate physical activity (averaging about 20 minutes/day), improved sleep:

A small human study that shows that a healthy diet and activity can improve sleep apnea and sleep problems:

Another human study showing that fish oil can lower inflammation and CRP levels, a marker that can increase risk of heart attack:

A new study shows that we’re a good 20 pounds heavier than we were 20 years ago, and both males and females are above their ideal weight:

New human study shows that eating baked or broiled fish weekly can improve brain health/function and reduce risk for Alzheimer’s:

New human study shows that dietary choline intake (saltwater fish, eggs, chicken, soy, etc.), can help prevent dementia :

A study of women that shows the benefits of fruits and veggies for their antioxidants and for stroke prevention:;_ylc=X3oDMTEwZnRqaDA4BF9TAzIwMjM4Mjc1MjQEZW1haWxJZAMxMzIyNzg4NzEy

A new study shows that activity and exercise can benefit breast cancer survivors with lymph swelling: 

A new, large study indicates that younger women who eat fatty fish weekly have less risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and related problems:;_ylc=X3oDMTEwdTc0ZHVrBF9TAzIwMjM4Mjc1MjQEZW1haWxJZAMxMzIzMTM0MzEw

New human study shows that vitamin D (something I recommend) shows significant reduction in incidence of pancreatic cancer: 

A new study shows multiple health benefits for eating fatty fish (and probably fish oil) for heart disease, blood vessels, immune function, emotional health and suicide, even hay fever and lung health:

A short article that shows that more than 90% of Americans have at least 1 risk factor for heart disease and that obesity and junk foods are big contributors:

New study shows that taking B vitamins can help improve cognition in older patients:

A new study that has uncovered important effects of vitamin E on health and cell function, including muscles:

A new study in mice, showing that components in fish oil can kill leukemia cells:

A good overview article of heart (and brain) healthy foods:

A new human study shows that about 25% of older adults have had small (or silent) strokes causing memory loss:

An interesting human study that indicates a combination of supplements can improve male fertility in several key ways:

A cool new article about how people can live past 100 even with some disease-causing genes:

A new blog post by Dr. Davis, the cardiologist, explaining why low carb is actually better than low fat for heart disease:

A new study shows that even moderate exercise helps to prevent catching a cold or other upper respiratory infections:

A study of adolescents shows that corn syrup does increase abdominal fat and risk factors for diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease:

A new blog post by Dr. Davis that show that dietary changes can have more effect than drugs like statins for heart disease and cholesterol (don’t worry too much about the details, just focus on the progress and improvements in LDL):

Another study shows that higher levels of vitamin D (a hormone-like vitamin),  shows anti-diabetic actions:

A new study shows that lifestyle interventions can significantly help control the progression of diabetes:

A new study shows the potential for higher risks of diabetes for women who take statins:

A new study validates the positive effects of complex (low glycemic) carbs and lower inflammation, supporting my program approach and articles I’ve written:

A new study shows that processed and red meats can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer: 

A short and powerful new blog post from Dr. Davis (cardiologist) on the fact that none of his patients on his nutrition program are getting heart attacks:

A new study that shows that vitamin D can bring significant reductions in colon cancer risk through genetic activity:

A small human study that supports the relationship between a lack of sleep and increased hunger:

A recent article explaining how fruits and veggies can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke:

An insightful article by Dr. Katz about healthy lifestyle choices to prevent diabetes, tied to the recent controversy about Paula Dean:

A new human pilot study that shows potential health and anti-inflammatory benefits for Co-Q10 and the Mediterranean diet:

A great article by Dr. Mark Hyman regarding diet, diabetes and other diseases from the perspective of Paula Dean’s recent admission of her diabetes diagnosis:

An interesting study that shows powerful effects of fiber intake and a 60% reduction in pancreatic cancer risk:

A comprehensive new study that looks at longer times and risk influences for heart disease and stroke:

A new clinical study that shows that garlic supplements can enhance the immune system and shorten colds by over 50%:

A new study with interesting insights for taking BP (Blood Pressure) in both arms (for better assessment of heart attack and stroke):

For cocoa lovers, some new research that supports BP and other health benefits:

A new study shows that vitamins and supplements, such as vitamin D3, vitamin K2, minerals and fish oil are as effective for bone health as prescription drugs:

Another insightful article by Dr. William Davis covering some myths about cholesterol and how to understand the process of heart disease better:

A new study shows that people who drink more sodas have higher risks for asthma and COPD:

A study that shows that doctors routinely withhold the truth from their patients in many areas:

A short but fun article with interesting information about heart disease:

A new study/analysis shows that magnesium can help to lower blood pressure (most US adults are deficient):

Another interesting study that shows significant benefits of the Mediterranean diet (the basis of my program) for overall health and brain function/memory:,0,5561161.story?track=rss

A new study that shows how walking speed and grip strength is associated with stroke and dementia:

A new study on women’s differing symptoms for a heart attack and why younger women tend to die more often:

An insightful study commentary on why many anti-vitamin and supplement studies are flawed:

Another study that shows significant health benefits for the hormone-like vitamin D:

Another study that seems to show serious health risks for people with higher levels of BPA from can goods and plastics:

A new study appears to uncover relevant details about why hormone-like vitamin D helps to lower inflammation, the basis of many chronic conditions like heart disease and arthritis:

A new study uncovers why broccoli and other similar veggies (with sulforaphane), can help prevent cancer:

Another human study that shows interesting brain effects for dark chocolate and cocoa flavonols:

Another broad analysis shows some good benefits of taking a multi-vitamin (memory, slower aging, etc.) in an overview of randomized, placebo-controlled studies):

A new human study that shows important brain benefits for a diet high in fish and omega-3 oils:

A valuable study showing how younger people who don’t lead a healthy lifestyle have much higher risks of heart disease:

Another study on hormone-like vitamin D can help bone health and stress fractures in younger girls:

A new review study (that looks at previous studies) has concluded that eating berries can be helpful for brain aging and memory:

Another interesting study that shows how hormone-like vitamin D 3 might help Alzheimer’s and plaques:

An intriguing new study with human subjects showing that cranberry juice can help keep your heart and arteries healthy:

A study which concludes that most weight-loss supplements are not effective:

A fun, interesting comparison of healthy foods (berries, lean proteins, whole grains, etc.):

Daily consumption of red meat again tied to health problems and up to a 20% increase in mortality:

A very interesting study that distills our eating habits to 5 main types, along with some associated demographic information:

An interesting new study shows that meditation can literally help boost your brain power:

A new study that seems to verify that white rice (and other white, high- glycemic foods) can raise diabetes risk:

A thorough analysis of vitamin D shows that taking 600-800 IUs is not sufficient and that 2,000 IUs (or more) daily appear to be safe:

Another study supports walking as a way to improve weight genetics by 50% vs. inactivity:

An interesting study shows less than 2% of adults are living a heart healthy lifestyle (I can teach you how because I’m in the 2%):

Beware of can goods and plastics! Another study finds possible link to BPA and negative health effects: 

An article that offers some good points on the multiple benefits of exercise:

A must-read post by Dr. Davis about carbs, wheat, gluten free, and more (dated March 23, 2012):

A very important new study about Alzheimer’s, cognition and insulin resistance in the brain and body:

A great article by Dr. Mark Hyman on how diet/lifestyle can cure type diabetes:

Another study that indicates a longer, more healthy life with good vitamin D levels (remember, vitamin D is more like a hormone):

Another study shows benefits from chocolate (usually dark) because you won’t necessarily gain weight:

A great, long-term study demonstrates how a healthy lifestyle can help you live longer:

Only about 1% of people in the US have a healthy diet and lifestyle:

An interesting new study showing that a zinc imbalances may contribute to Alzheimer’s:

An insightful, long-term study on dietary habits, diet soda consumption and health:

A great 60 Minutes story that looked at how toxic sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are:;contentBody

An interesting article that shows medical costs for obesity cost more than smoking:

A human study that shows a significant association between fast/junk food and depression:

A valuable new study that shows meditation can lower pain levels as much as drugs:

An important new study links stress hormones, immune function, systemic inflammation and chronic disease:

New study has possible connections between obesity, diabetes, high BP and autism:

A new study shows that obesity costs up to 20% of healthcare costs, higher than thought:

A valuable human study shows that eating more fruits and veggies can lower diabetes by 20%:

A new study shows that eating tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc.) contributes to better health, lower weight and less disease:

Another study showing the importance of regular, quality sleep:

A small but interesting human study that shows the influence of attitude and exercise as they relate to hot flashes:

An insightful article about why using a drug model with clinical studies (RCT) don’t work for vitamins and supplements (vitamins/minerals work together, help improve health, etc.) work:

A worthwhile study with children and adults that shows a multivitamin/mineral supplement boosts brain function (plus a study showing brain benefits for fish oil):

A startling new post by Dr. Davis regarding wheat and its opiate-like addiction:

A well-written article about statin drugs, research bias, and myths that they are truly beneficial:

A valuable study with human subjects showing significant benefits for exercise and activity for Alzheimer’s:

A breakthrough article buy a heart surgeon that validates what I’ve said and written about for years about the cause of heart disease:

An interesting study that adds more possible benefits to hormone-like vitamin D and its benefits:

A new human study that has some good recommendations for reducing salt intake:

An interesting (although basic) study on the health benefits of oregano, including the prostate cancer:

Another article that indicates that doctors/cardiologists get little training in preventive approaches:,0,7702200.story

A good article that debunks various “healthy” claims and lies for processed foods:

A human clinicial trail showed good benefits for a resveratrol/grape extract for inflammation and cardiovascular benefits:

A new article outlining the excess costs of obesity (190 billion annually):

An important study that again shows that many clinical trials for drugs and treatments are flawed (too small, not well designed, etc.):;_ylc=X3oDMTEwYWphYXE4BF9TAzIwMjM4Mjc1MjQEZW1haWxJZAMxMzM1OTE3OTU2

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