Celebrate weight loss!

This short video explains how your health will be improved: http://tinyurl.com/funytvideo

Some client comments:

“It’s been a wonderful experience!”

 “I highly recommend him for either life or health coaching.”

“I really enjoyed being coached by you. You are very personable and inspiring!”

1. You get a free initial session with assessment and tips.

2. I’ll include an e-mail with some thoughts each week.

3. A weekly call to discuss questions, offer support, ideas, etc.

4. For a limited time, life or health coaching/training sessions are available for new clients at a special price of $29.00 each (reg. $35.00).

5. Sessions include an e-mail summary after the call so you have a reminder of tips, plans, etc.

6. The discounted price for a 4-step “Quick Start Your Health” plan is only $98. If you prefer smaller payments, two payments of $49.00 during the first and third weeks will work. To request an additional multi-step plan, or ask a question, contact me: (use contact form on “About” page)

7. If you are struggling with your health and need a coach but are short of funds, I’ll try to work with you. It never hurts to ask!

For a free 30 minute session for the chronic condition/fitness ads or other question or issue, use contact form on “About” page and we”ll set up a time. I’ll include an assessment and some free tips.

Special Limited-time offers (March, 2012):

1. Would you like a Spring tune-up? Get help with your life or health issues (career, job, relationships, weight, etc.). Try a mini package! I’ll help you set goals and meet or exceed them! We can also work on health or weight issues too. Click here for 50% off mini- package! (This package includes free assessment and initial consult, e-mails and coaching calls with practical tips and suggestions for trimming down or whatever health or life issue you have (too much stress, chronically late, etc.).

Expired offer (10/25/11): Try an initial coaching session (reg. $29.00) for half price to see how enjoyable the process is!  Click here to order! (This special offer includes  assessment/consult, e-mail plan/tips, and a call to go over any questions or challenges you are having. It’s a fantastic deal!) If you decide to continue for the 4-steps, we can apply your initial payment to the 4-step plan, plus include some extra savings. The total will only be $72.00 (usually $88.00)! We can also handle the process in one-at-a time sessions if you prefer!

Special bonus coaching is available! For regular clients, I’ll offer a bonus coaching session for new referrals. Just let me know of friends or family members that are interested in life or health coaching and I’ll give you an extra session!


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