Life Coaching

Life coaching is about helping you reach your goals and dreams! It doesn’t matter what the issues are, a life coach is there to help you clarify and support your forward progress, giving you a better, more successful life!

The life coaching process is beneficial for a whole range of life challenges:

  • Career/Job issues
  • Money issues
  • Family challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Organization and time issues
  • Confused or stuck in life
  • General emotional frustration

Although the life coaching process is somewhat different in than my health coaching, it’s also supportive, motivating, and success oriented. For those who don’t know how coaching works, it’s different than therapy because we focus mostly on forward progress rather than looking back a lot. For now, I’ll follow the same overall structure with a free trial session, phone calls and affordable fees that I use for health coaching.

Some recent clients have said this:

“It’s been a wonderful experience!”

“Steven has coached me on my issues for a few weeks and it has helped me tremendously.”

“I really enjoyed being coached by you. You are very personable and inspiring!”

“I Would like to say how helpful our coaching sessions have been.”

Here are some helpful links to career and job resources:

Here is an article about finding your passion in life:

 Here is a good summary of points to help improve relationships:

Here is a video to help you de-stress at work or home (stress is detrimintal to health and well being:

Here’s a tropical stress break video for the winter blues:

A large study on a positive attitude/happiness and it’s effects on heart health (don’t worry if you have frustrations in life, work with a coach who can offer help and support):

An interesting study that overlaps health and life coaching practices and benefits:

I’ll be adding more info to this page in the coming weeks!

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