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My Bio/History:

Because of a childhood illness, I developed a passion for overcoming life challenges. I learned what it’s like to be hospitalized and go through shots, surgeries, pain, etc. It was a great lesson in what happens when you lose your health and have t start over! Although I’ve had a decent diet for several years, I had some bad habits in my 20s and 30s, including running late, something I’ve overcome.

To maintain my ability to help you, I have dual certifications as a Certified Professional/Life Coach (CPC) and Certified Nutrition/Fitness/health Coach. My passion for health research goes back 20 years and I still read health articles/research daily. I have  reviewed or read many thousands of articles, books and clinical studies about health, disease, supplements and drugs.  I also follow articles about jobs, careers and relationships. 

Over time, I’ve overcome many life challenges, such as dyslexia, being chronically late, extra weight, blood sugar problems, knee problems/pain, a thyroid issue (I needed more iodine like the many people who have deficiency these days), etc. I was also in a car accident a few years ago and had to heal neck and back problems/injuries. I’ve healed all of these health and life problems, using a natural approach with no drugs or surgeries.

Here is a recent video from CNN by the creater fo the nutrition program I studied (and simplified) in 2011: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/health/2012/01/06/gupta-new-year-new-you.cnn

A few of my health stats: BMI is under 21 (top 10% for my age), body fat around 15% (fitness level), waist 32″ or less. BP runs 115/70, with cholesterol, TSH and PSA all in good range. Fasting glucose runs in the 80s, and my hsCRP was less than .5, which is very low levels of inflammation (most adults over 50 are 1-3 or higher). I can do 50 pushups, then 20 more after 60-second break, and 20 more after that! People say I look 15 years younger than my age. The bottom line is that this program works and it’s easier than you think!


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